Belly Dancing Pants

Published: 02nd September 2008
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Belly Dancing Pants

Belly dancing is a very active dance. That's why beginners will often choose to wear work out pants when they are taking their first lessons. It's also a smart idea for a beginner to not invest in a lot of costumes when they are unsure if they will like belly dancing. Workout pants are comfortable and perfectly acceptable for the beginner belly dancer.

After you have been belly dancing for a little while you will want to have some fun with the costumes. Belly dancing pants are a great first step toward putting together your first belly dancing costume.

A Loose Costume

There are a couple of different types of belly dancing pants that are available for sale. They are pants that have a flare and regular harem pants. Flare pants work best when they are put together with a skirt. Harem pants so not require a skirt to be worn over them. Harem pants have the ability to be worn on their own.

Flare pants are really nothing more than bell-bottoms. The difference between bell-bottoms and flare pants are the materials used in flare pants. Flare pants are usually made from a lightweight material that makes them a good choice for dancing. They should be of a stretchy and flexible material that the dancer can feel comfortable moving in.

Harem pants are the pants that you see worn by belly dancers. They will have a drawstring at the waste and ankles. They are large and flowing in the leg area. These are perfect for your belly dancing costume and they are suitable to wear for class.

There are a wide variety of designs available for both styles of pants. The colors that harem pants come in are bright and dazzling. Flare pants can also be quite dramatic. There are pants with beads and jewels sewn into them that are very dramatic for your belly dancing costume.

Typically harem pants are one solid color. They come in a variety of soft fabrics like silk and satin. They can also come embellished with coins or jewels for a more elaborate look. Whichever style of pants you choose for your costume you will no doubt feel like an authentic belly dancer when you put these pants on. The pants and skirts of a belly dancing costume are meant to flow with your movements when you are dancing. provides information, articles and tips including Belly Dancing Attire and ideas. Check out all the styles, origins and history of this ancient art.

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